Neighborhood Café

The Cafe is currently delivering meals on every Tuesday and every 2nd Thursday evenings…call 207-443-2187.

In non-COVID-19 times…

The Neighborhood Café opens every Tuesday evening at the Neighborhood Faith Community from 4:30 pm to 6 pm.  Doors are open all day as the meal is prepared.  You are welcome to drop in any time for a cup of coffee or to lend a helping hand.  Our Café is completely run by volunteers and the meal is completely free for anyone attending.  Each Tuesday, this warm, delicious meal is enjoyed by upwards of 100 people sharing food and conversation.

At the heart of the Neighborhood Café is the building of community.  The Café is a place of welcome and affirmation for all.  It provides an environment for people to connect, have conversation, eat, and enjoy entertainment from local talent.  The Neighborhood Café is a place to get warm, relax, and enjoy the company of your community.

Mission Statement:  hollu

The Neighborhood Cafe is a community experience of welcome and affirmation, a safe place, a safe space, where opportunities for healing, generosity, relationship and growth abound.

Statement of Purpose:mick-phyllis

The Neighborhood Cafe is a new kind of outreach, bringing people from all walks of life together in service to each other, to build a generous and accepting community.  Our name comes from the age-old question, “who is my neighbor?”  In responding to that question we are creating a “neighborhood” where all sorts of hungry people come to be fed.  We are all hungry: some for food, some to share their expertise in a way that is meaningful, some for a sense of purpose and some to belong.  All of our hungers lead us to relationships with one another.  At the Cafe, there is a free meal, and a safe and positive place to connect with others, musicians are fed by sharing their music.  Nurses are fed by sharing healing.  Everyone is fed by planning menus, creating a welcoming environment, cooking and serving great food, and developing relationships across boundaries of age, background, and status.  When this is happening, our hearts brim with joy, we smile and say, “you are my neighbor!”